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You are responsible for all activities on Zoom that take place under your GSUSA ZOOM LIZENZ. You agree to protect your password to prevent unauthorized use of your GSUSA ZOOM LICENSE and to protect your own and the privacy of your subscribers. Login accounts and unique passwords should always be confidential and should not be shared or shared with others. You don`t let anyone access your account or do anything else that could compromise the security of your account. You will notify your Council and GSUSA immediately if you suspect or are aware of any unauthorized misuse or use of a password or account or any other known or suspected breach of Zoom`s security or abuse. You are responsible for the privacy and use of all identifiers, passwords and other security data related to the use of the GSUSA ZOOM LICENSE. These Terms of Use for GSUSA Zoom („Terms of Use“) license users apply to all Girl Scout Council employees, service unit volunteers and troop leaders who have received or will receive a GSUSA Zoom license. These terms of use, GSUSA Zoom policies and Zoom`s terms of use (together the „agreements“) These Terms of Use and GSUSA Zoom Rules may be reviewed at any time by Girl Scouts of the United States („GSUSA“), at their sole discretion. Zoom may review Zoom`s terms of use at any time, at its sole discretion.

Zoom`s terms of use are available in It is your responsibility to regularly check for changes to Zoom`s terms of use, GSUSA rules and terms of use. If a review of the terms of use of the GSUSA or the GSUSA guidelines is essential to our discretion, we will do everything in our power to inform you in advance of such a review. Your continued use of the GSUSA Zoom license after amending the agreements represents your contract of engagement related to the updated agreements. If you do not agree to be bound by the updated agreements, you must delete your account and all instances of the GSUSA Zoom license on any device and stop using any of these contracts. In the event of a conflict between the terms of use and GSUSA Zoom policies, these terms of use apply. If you are aware of a suspicious or actual violation of these Terms of Use, other agreements or other unauthorized or illegal practices in connection with a meeting or webinar with a GSUSA ZOOM license, you must immediately notify your Board and GSUSA and cooperate fully with GSUSA on a confidential basis to investigate the incident, violation, occurrence or activity.

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