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2. When performing the tasks covered in point 1 a), the coordinator must consult with the apprentice and, to amend labour law, to mean that employers can no longer offer zero-term contracts. Learn more about working hours (external link) on the Employment New Zealand website. (a) a written agreement between the Commission and 1 or more entities, persons or entities that provide for institutions or individuals; Before a training code is established, the Minister may consult with any person or organization that the Minister deems appropriate. Jon, a natural science teacher, will be offered a permanent job at a local school near Cromwell. He tells the principal of the school that he wants to review the collective agreement before signing his letter of offer. The director agrees. If a collective agreement covers your employment, your new worker must have the same conditions as the collective agreement for the first 30 days of work. After 30 days, if the worker has not joined the union, the employer and the employee can sign changes or a new individual contract. The training code may, but should not be, a code recommended by the Commission. Under this Act, the Commission`s main mission is to promote learning through funding agreements.

To begin training, both the employer and the intern sign a training contract (TAG). It is a contract that describes the roles of apprentices and employers and is an agreement between you in accordance with the Employment Relations Act (2000). The TAG also records all the details BCITO needs to register the training at the NZQA and record your apprentice`s progress. Establish the training code in its entirety or to monitor individual apprentices to ensure that their apprenticeship pushes them to reach, within a reasonable time, the level of qualification required to obtain a qualification in the skills of each sector: while apprenticeships can be an integral part of your business and are a means of organising future managers in your sector, it is essential to respect your obligations with regard to the training and training of these employees. If you have any doubts about the requirements, contact Employsure. As a leading specialist in labour relations, our professional team can help and advise all your work commitments. Call us today on 0800 675 700. The Higher Education Commission has a code of conduct to ensure that all apprentices, employers and ITOs get the most out of apprenticeships. All parties should follow the code`s imploration guidelines. These are the main requirements you know as an employer and must meet when taking an apprentice. (c) overseeing the performance of learning coordinators to ensure that a coordinator who assists a person (A) under the age of 18 in entering into a training contract before Agreement A is concluded must be monitored before the agreement is concluded- (1) There is nothing in this law that prevents an ITO from entering into a funding agreement with the Commission.

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