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Leases (usually a form of contract rental) are generally preferred by business users. However, a number of financial firms are now encouraging private leasing for individuals. This is partly due to the absence of voluntary termination rights in a lease agreement. Voluntary termination rights stipulate that anyone who withdraws an HP or PCP may be able to terminate their contract prematurely, return the car and leave the contract. However, this only applies if certain circumstances are met, for example. B if you received your payments halfway. No funder will appreciate the early termination of the contract. Withdrawal fees are not properly explained by a car dealership. Good morning, Claire. You do not have the legal option to move away from the treaty. If you simply try to return the car, you will be charged for the total balance (not just the balance to get you to the VT point). Obviously, you won`t be able to afford it, so you become insolvent, so it will have an impact on your creditworthiness and you won`t be able to get money back. If the lender asks you to sign something, it is best to refuse.

If you are talking on the phone with the lender, use the terms „Cancel my agreement“ or „voluntary termination.“ You don`t agree when you`re asked if you want to give up the car or have it taken back – these aren`t VTing your car. Excess mileage charges are a huge hot button when it comes to the voluntary termination of a financing contract. The reason these clauses are introduced is that the value of the car is directly related to the number of miles it has on the clock. Hello there, first of all, I can say a big thank you for making available the information on this site. I just got VT`d my agreement with Moneybarn who, to my surprise, asked them no questions or no help. The only thing they did, and I have to say here, is that I did about 8000 miles more than in my agreement, and they want to pay about $800. Obviously, it`s a lot of money, do I have to pay for it? I guess that is my agreement. The car I VT`d is in excellent condition and I really have it for them, so when they come to inspect it, they shouldn`t find anything wrong. I will take detailed pictures of the car inside and out as well as all the bills and service history, so Moneybarn should not come back. Thank you again! I`m about to spend half the time in my agreement (hp just) when I have my next payment.

I am trying to verify that after 30 months (out of 60), I am also halfway from a point of view, since that is what counts for VT.

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